I always wondered when something like this would come along.
It looks pretty neat to me.
No more flat tires, and still a soft comfortable ride.
The flexible spokes absorbe the shock from the bumps in the road.
If the tread has a long life, these new tires will be great.
These tires would give you great peace of mind on a long trip.

Radical new tire design by Michelin.
The next generation of tires.
They had a pair at the Philadelphia car show.
These tires are airless and are scheduled to be out on the market very soon.
The bad news for law enforcement is that spike strips will not work on these tires.
This is what great R&D will do, and just think of the impact on existing technology:

A. no more air valves...
B. no more air compressors at gas stations...
C. no more repair kits...
D. no more flats...

These are actual pictures taken in the South Carolina plant of Michelin.